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for Saturday and Sunday,

or call a day in advance.

Monday-Friday walk-ins are welcome!


Ceramic and acrylic Paint Kit


We would deliver all the essential painting materials to our neighbors!!

NO FIRE IS NEEDED. After the acrylic paint dries, it is finished!

Shop and Pick ceramics at our                           


Painting Kit includes: 
6*Customized Colors (In small jars)
Black &White For Free
1*Jar of Brush-on Gloss Sealer
5* Paintbrushes

How long does it take to paint? 

That all depends on you! You are welcome to paint for as long as you like. Some painters stay for hours painting and designing their piece(s). Others, including some small children, are finished more quickly. The average painter takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete.

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Think about us for: Birthday Parties, Private Parties, Scout Troop Outings, Gals Night Out, Team Meetings, Art Classes and more!


A unique way to celebrate, the painting camp can host groups large and small. Our bright, open creative spaces provide a festive place for every kind of gathering, including private parties.

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Birthday Party for All Ages

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School Event

Fundraising Event

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Wine Party

Adult Workshop

Movie Night

We provide the equipment, space, and resources to successfully create individual work. It is a valuable community teaching facility and many levels of classes can be held concurrently with great success. It will also accommodate professional or emerging artists and casual craftspeople in the days to come


Space Rental $20/hr

What do we have?

Creating is fun and easy. Come in, find a table, and let yourself enjoy time dabbling

in an artful endeavor. Our friendly staff is on hand to help bring your vision to life.

- Ceramic Painting *Major Objects* 

        Glaze Option (Food Safe) it takes 5-7 days

        Paint & Go Option (Ornamental only) take it home immediately 

- Painting By Numbers

- Paint a Wood Slice

- Paint you own Art Bag

- Party Supply Selling

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Want to host a pottery party at home?

Buy the pieces of pottery you wish to paint, pick colors of paint to take home and enjoy painting in the comfort of your own home. After you've finished your designs, bring it back to us and we'll fire it for you at no additional cost. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently asked questions

Do you guys accpt Walk-ins?

Due to Covid-10, Online Reservation is preferred or call us a day before. https://www.thepaintingcamp.com/book-online

Where can we do private party?

Our studio has two rooms, a public painting room and a private event room. Max capacity is around of 35 painters. At least 8 painters are required to book our private room. Make reservation is easy, go to our website: https://www.thepaintingcamp.com/book-online. Check your time, in-put your infomation, deposit is not required.

Can we bring the food in?

You are welcome to bring your food and drink here. And the alcohol is allowed when there is no kid or teenager in your group.

Walk-in pricing?

NO Studio Fee!!! Pick The Painting Object(s) You Like
Ceramics Painting:
Small pieces $10-15, Medium size $15-28, Large size/ Light $28-39, Giant objects are $40 and more.


For more information about The Painting Camp, our programs, activities, staff, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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