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Due to the shortage   of staff

Please make a reservation online!



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Want to host a pottery party at home?

Buy the pieces of pottery you wish to paint, pick colors of paint to take home and enjoy painting in the comfort of your own home. After you've finished your designs, bring it back to us and we'll fire it for you at no additional cost. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Bolingbrook Location Permanently Closed
    The last business day is 06/15/2023. After June 15th, customers still can pick-up their painted potteries. Our location will not far, in Westmont IL. Please email us :
  • Paint for Halloween?
    We have many Halloween pieces, 50% off for all the items. Take home painting kits are still available to purchase. Please email us for details
  • We still keep the items painted since 2020
    Here is some options to get your pieces, Pick-up at our place which is located in Westmont IL, We could do local deliver (within 5 miles around Westmont IL) We could mail your items, $5 packing fee + USPS shipping cost (good for smalls items) Please email us to arrange:
  • Best way to immediately contact?
    We will check our Instagram more often. Please chat with us for quick questions Instagram account: thepaintingcamp


For more information about The Painting Camp, our programs, activities, staff, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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